The Chyau Fu Paper Printing Co. Ltd.,

established in 1989 is a leading sublimation printing manufacture in Taiwan. From artwork design, digital printing, gravure printing, and fabric development to production.Chyau Fu has well-appointed facilities and experienced professionals to provide one stop service for customers.Chyau Fu has utilized innovation capabilities to develop many artworks in pattern library for customer to use.In addition, we have successed to develop high colorfastness to light transfer printing which can reach 80~200 hours grade 3 level1. <test method : AATCC-16,option 3>We commit ourselves to deliver nothing else but excellence in innovation, production, and turnaround time.



Facilities and Equipment

1. Large format inkjet
2. High Speed Rotogravure Printing Machines
3. Quality Inspection Machines
4. Transfer Printing Machines
5. Light Booth and Luminaries


Products and Services

1. Paper sublimation paper printing
2. Digital sublimation paper printing
3. Pattern design
4. Heat transfer printing on various medias
5. Personalized product manufacturing